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 Our Hypnotist, 
Robert D. Hutchings is a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotist . Medical Hypnotist . Meditation Instructor 

hypnosis works for meMedical Hypnosis – Cancer, Pre-Surgical Prep & Post Surgical Recovery, Pain Management, Anxiety, Fear, Anger, Frustration, Depression, Memory, Confidence, Self-Image, Relationships, Immune System Boosting and more.

Healthy Lifestyle – Healthy Living, Tobacco Cessation, Weight Loss, Weight Management, Exercise, Emotional Recovery for Illness, Divorce, Loss by Death, Relationships – Plus more.  How can we help you?

Meditation Programs – Stress Reduction, Improved Health, Daily Living, Immunes System Boosting, Medical Procedures, Pain Management, Cancer, Illness, Disease, Overall Wellness – plus more.  Library of new programs available soon.

Have you ever wondered – if hypnosis can help you eliminate unwanted habits and create desirable new habits… or if you can even be hypnotized?  Why not find out more bout hypnosis.
Our goal is your 100% success!   To prove it…we offer a free, no-obligation, personal consultation during which we will answer all of your questions about hypnosis, discuss your presenting issues and recommend a treatment plan.

You Can Be HypnotizedWe have successfully worked with 100% of our clients!  The fact is that each of us experiences a form of hypnosis or ‘trance state’ every day. There is nothing mysterious or magical about being in hypnosis or trance state. It is simply a very relaxed and open state of mind. You are never out of control.
Hollywood’s fictional portrayal of hypnosis – in movies and television has left many people with the impression that hypnosis is somehow mystical, dark or unsafe for the average individual. This far from the truth. Hypnosis is- and continues to be- scientifically proven as an effective, safe and non-invasisve means of helping people improve the quality of their lives and of healing. And you need not worry about loss of control because no one can make you do anything  you would not otherwise do.  We adhere to a strict ethical code.

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Our staff will help you schedule a convenient day and time to meet with our certified hypnotist. When you come in, the hypnotist will answer questions, discuss your issues and recommend a treatment plan. Discounts for veterans, senior citizens & students.